water softeners

Water Softener Las Vegas

Everyone knows the water supply in Las Vegas is very hard and you really need a water treatment system. The problem is regular water softeners are bad for the environment. They use salt and waste a lot of water.

We have a new system that softens your water with citrus and not salt. It is new to the market and our clients love it! This system requires no salt and no maintenance! You get soft water with out all of the hassle. This is the BEST water softener on the market!

  • Never buy salt again
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Save your appliances
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Great drinking water

Professional Water Softener Installation is included!

Call and schedule a free in home consultation. We offer competitive pricing and professional installation. No middleman or salesperson - just honest fair pricing on a great water softener. Please mention the coupon above when calling.
  1. Plumbing inspection.
  2. Determine the best water softener for your usage.
  3. Written estimate including; warranty, installation, water softener unit & parts.
  4. Water softener can be installed immediately.
water filtration system

Water filtration system

This is our whole house water filtration system. This system reduces scale build up and provides cleaner healthier filtered water through out your whole house. Say goodbye to buying bottled water!
  • No salt
  • No electricity
  • Reduces scale build up
  • No drain line
  • No maintenance